Anico Mostert Exhibits at No Man's Art Gallery

EBONY/CURATED represented artist Anico Mostert showcases at No Man's Art Gallery in the Netherlands as part of an exhibition titled 'Atari' - a physical expression celebrating the launch of their online art space, Jiuba.

On show from 21 July to 27 August 2023, this presentation explored the concept of atari—a critical moment in the ancient game of Go representing a suspended moment in time where players contemplate strategic decisions. Reflecting on this liminal space, the exhibition delved into interconnectedness, competition, precarity, and growth.

Drawing from the exhibition text:

'Being in a state of atari requires us to hold the weight of all possible paths forward in a single moment: it is a state of contemplation. This is beautifully illustrated in works such as those by Anico Mostert.'

Read the full text here. 

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