Kimathi Mafafo Exhibition Covered by Bspoque Magazine

Kimathi Mafafo's new exhibition titled 'Ebullience' has been covered in the #avantgarde section of Bspoque Magazine.

The article discusses how Mafafo's exhibition at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery in London showcases woven portraits of empowered women, intricately embroidered with flowers and foliage. Collaborating with women she has trained in weaving, Mafafo celebrates sisterhood and self-love in a series inspired by the evolving roles and spaces reclaimed by women. The works symbolizing the artist's unlearning and relearning, addressing the changing world her daughter is growing up in.

Mafafo's practice explores the intersection of pleasure activism, self-love, and societal transformation, emphasising the importance of joy and satisfaction in a fulfilling life. The artworks capture the essence of female empowerment, celebrating vulnerability and confidence in the context of nature and supportive relationships among women.

Read the full article here. 

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