Larita Engelbrecht 'Met Ander Oë' Exhibition Reviewed by Mary Corrigall

In an article for Cape Times, writer and art researcher Mary Corrigall unpacks 'Met Ander Oë' - an exhibition by Larita Engelbrecht. This solo exhibition at Ebony/Curated Gallery transformed old photos of African masks into surreal, abstract collages. Corrigall unpacks how, despite her initial repulsion towards these images, the artist recontextualises them by isolating masks from anthropological texts and placing them in unexpected settings, often featuring contemporary architecture and fashion. The collages evoke complex interpretations, touching on themes of cultural appropriation, the intersection of African traditions and Western perceptions, and the distortion of scale.

Engelbrecht, also an art theory lecturer, navigates these concepts with a formal focus on tones, textures, and shapes, providing a unique perspective on historical and loaded symbols. The exhibition, titled 'Met Ander Oë (With Other Eyes)' reflects her ongoing exploration of history and identity, particularly her confrontation of her White/Afrikaner background.

Read the full article here. 

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