Zemba Luzamba: Postcolonial Identities in Motion by ASAI

Khanyisile Mawhayi from Africa South Art Initiative has written an essay reflecting on the art-making practice of Zemba Luzamba. The writer delves into the complex themes reflecting Luzamba's identity as a Congolese artist working in South Africa while remarking on his formal excellence and vivid use of colour. The essay explores how his paintings carry personal, social, and political histories that transcend his viewpoint to represent a global perspective.

Examining specific works like 'Forefront', 'The New Caretakers', 'Homage Whooping' and 'Homecoming' Mawhayi discusses how Luzamba employs simple symbolism and titles- intentionally leaving room for interpretation. Despite addressing political elements, he adopts a non-didactic aesthetic, emphasising ambiguity and understatement to resonate beyond specific historical contexts.

Read the full essay here.

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