‘A Gentle Reminder' - Anico Mostert

Collection: ‘A Gentle Reminder' - Anico Mostert


Wednesday 27th October 2021

Continues until 11th December 2021

The thoughts that inspired Anico’s body of work were initiated when realising the majority of her saved posts on Instagram were from self-help accounts. Waking up and swiping across those threads in the last year and a half became a ritual.

Much like the swiping motion on social media, the feelings evoked in Anico’s works are meant to be fleeting.

The viewer is called to explore the quiet moments captured in Anico’s works – what might’ve happened and who might’ve left just before? They might not have felt the same way the flowers may have looked.

Where people are present, feelings of intimacy or lack thereof are called into question. How the spaces we find ourselves in could reflect the way we are feeling, giving us a moment to reflect on what led us there.

Anico hopes the viewer can move between her works in a similar way – each embodying a gentle reminder.

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