'A Quiet Place' - Orly Rabinowitz

Collection: 'A Quiet Place' - Orly Rabinowitz

25.01.20 - 29.02.20
Bordeaux House, Franschhoek


This body of work is of the atmosphere, of light and reflection. It is of the realization that beauty and pain are inextricably linked. A place of quiet contemplation, where internal conflicts and difficulties with the technicalities
of painting, are exposed. Evolving from a dense to an open and flattened space, where organic marks and shapes are enlarged to become strong compositional elements within themselves.

Between the layers while the paint is drying, there is time to come to grips with the experience of loss and grief. From images filled with colour to shades of white. The white representing a sense of spaciousness in which one can float and breathe. A soft cushioning, as if surrounded by mist and feeling gently held. The walking and carrying of the heavy canvases from the garden studio-confined and within nature- to the open studio upstairs- with an aerial view of what is above and below.

To the light, where there is a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for life. A quiet place where intuition replaces thinking and intention, as one falls deeper into the painting process. Where surprise and trust become the impetus for growth and new exploration, joy and elevation.