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African Galleries Now X Artsy
28.03.23 - 15.04.23

EBONY/CURATED is participating in the fourth edition of African Galleries Now in collaboration with ARTSY opening on Wednesday 29th March and continues until the 15th April. The African Art Galleries Association (AAGA) was formed in response to the need to support the growth and sustainability of contemporary art sectors in Africa. African Galleries Now brings together a network of pan-African galleries showcasing contemporary African art from the continent.

The gallery system is an important part of ensuring sustainability of local art sectors through critical and technical artist development as well as artist community development on the continent. This helps to prevent talent drain, as artists without exhibition opportunities on the continent look to move elsewhere. Working to build and develop local collectors, which is crucial to ensuring sustainability of local art scenes and diversity of art production; resistance to fluctuation of international art markets; ensuring professional treatment of artists by institutions and international counter-parties.

In this latest edition we highlighted a selection of new artworks by 4 young South African artists: Elléna Lourens, Lindisipho Gulwa, Rentia Retief and Liam Van Der Heever.

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