'En so is dit' - Rentia Retief

Collection: 'En so is dit' - Rentia Retief

EBONY/CURATED presents a solo exhibition by Rentia Retief.

On show at our Cape Town gallery from 08.11.23 - 16.12.23.

This exhibition explores the deep connection between the vast, earthen landscapes surrounding us and the intricate emotional landscapes that dwell within. In this series of charcoal drawings and oil paintings, Retief plays with the idea of the intrinsic marks that the earth leaves upon us physically and spiritually.

Inviting viewers to contemplate the interdependence between our environment and our inner being- the artist reflects how the outside world shapes our thoughts and emotions, and in turn, how our inner landscapes influence our perception of the world.

Retief focuses on the stillness of space, where emotional and physical landscapes meet. By reducing the portrayal of her landscapes to loose, gestural brush strokes, the artist leaves the viewer with a sense of longing for a place that once was or perhaps never was in the first place.

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