'Exogenesis' - Stanislaw Trzebinski

Collection: 'Exogenesis' - Stanislaw Trzebinski

Stanislaw Trzebinski
09.03.24 - 20.04.24
EBONY/CURATED Bordeaux House, Franschhoek

EBONY/CURATED is delighted to present Exogenesis, Stanislaw Trzebinski’s 8th Solo exhibition opening on the 9th of March 2024. This immersive body of work takes the audience into a realm where the boundaries between the microscopic and the cosmic blur – posing questions about our place on Earth and the potential for life on other planets. Trzebinski’s unique blend of elemental inspiration and technological innovation coalesces in a testament to the infinite interconnection of life forms, both past and present. The artist focuses on the balance between the celestial and primordial and instigates a contemplative dialogue between the interwoven nature of the universe. At the heart of this new show, polished brass and copper panels stand as gateways, etched to reveal imprints of life’s earliest evolutions. Azure and Verdigris patinas depict a visual voyage into the genesis of life. Like ancient forms, reminiscent of primordial soups or embryonic galaxies, they mirror the concept that the universe exists in the minutiae as much as it does in the grandeur of the cosmos. 

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