'Hiatus' - Group Exhibition

Collection: 'Hiatus' - Group Exhibition

‘Hiatus’, a pause, or interruption in the continuity of daily life, seeks to create an environment where the realisation of self can manifest in moments of reflection. Delving into the intricate dance between personal identity and societal performance, this group showcase seeks to champion the visual vocalisation of individuality. In this space, artists push the boundaries of creative expression, highlighting the evolving nature of the self.

This exhibition features the works of Kimathi Mafafo, Anico Mostert, Boemo Diale, Balekane Legoabe, Yolanda Mazwana, Mathabang ‘Matty’ Monethi, Buqaqawuli Thamani Nobakada, Kamohelo Blessing Rooi, Liam Van Der Heever and Agnes Waruguru.

Inviting artists and viewers alike to ponder the fluidity of the self, Hiatus celebrates the richness of individual identity and the capacity to transcend the limitations imposed by a splintered social framework.  

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