Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2022 | Hannes Harrs | Past/Modern Section

Collection: Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2022 | Hannes Harrs | Past/Modern Section

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Past/Modern Section

Solo booth of work by Hannes Harrs


Hannes Harrs was born in Germany in 1927 and arrived in South Africa in 1950. Studying at the Johannesburg School of Art his first solo exhibition was held in 1961. This was followed by group and solo exhibitions with his artworks included in a variety of Biennale’s and Museum exhibitions throughout his life. Harrs’ sculptures and paintings are held in a number of Museums and Institutions both locally and internationally.

Hannes Harrs was a highly intellectual artist fascinated by the colours, rhythms, textures and forms of the continent he called home. Harrs had a unique ability to transform and contemporise traditional imagery and influences whilst respecting and paying reverence to African culture. His artistic output included abstract graphic works, paintings, two dimensional sculptural installations, wood carvings, ceramics and bronzes.

“It was always my dream to live in Africa one day. As a boy I also dreamt to become an artist. In 1950 I was offered a job at the goldmines of South Africa. After working for seven years underground I resigned to study art full time at the Johannesburg School of Arts and Crafts. In the early sixties I had my first exhibition at the Egon Gunther Gallery. It was Egon who introduced me to African Art.”

- Hannes Harrs

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