'Izixazululo (Solutions)' - Sibusiso Duma

Collection: 'Izixazululo (Solutions)' - Sibusiso Duma

Izixazululo (Solutions)
Sibusiso Duma
29.10.19 - 30.11.19
Bordeaux House, Franschhoek


Sibusiso Duma is searching for solutions to his life and environment and through this investigation, he shares the stories of his childhood, his social opinions and the beliefs of his culture.

“His treatment of surface, subject, space and colour is unique in that other issues are not stated directly but are alluded to, thus creating an element of intrigue and wonder” - Gabi Ngcobo, ‘Revisions’ 2006

'Izixazululo (Solutions)' was Duma’s first Solo Exhibition in the Western Cape since 2008.