'Nowhere Better to Be' - Craig Cameron-Mackintosh

Collection: 'Nowhere Better to Be' - Craig Cameron-Mackintosh

Craig Cameron-Mackintosh’s debut solo exhibition ‘Nowhere Better to Be’ continues the artist’s exploration of the cinematic effects of light and shade on figures. In his latest body of work Cameron-Mackintosh pushes the two extremes that trick the eye to create different ways of seeing the same things. In a reversal of the typical order of artistic practice, his large, highly-rendered silhouette paintings inform his smaller, looser works.

“The slivers of light hitting parts of the body, contrasted with shadow, give new meaning to these otherwise overlooked nuances and inform me of the sitters’ anatomy. Colour, light and shade are pushed to the extreme…” 

– Craig Cameron-Mackintosh, 2020

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