'Tipping Point' - Hugh Byrne

Collection: 'Tipping Point' - Hugh Byrne

Tipping Point
Hugh Byrne
05.07.17 - 02.09.17

"I look for visual tensions or oddities in the urban landscape such as an architectural decision that doesn’t make sense or a plant growing where it shouldn't. My work is the end result of identifying a problem, solving it and then letting that decision influence the next problem/solution. In this way, the artworks become tangible compilations of decisions, organised in one place as a painting or sculpture. Through the process of making abstract art, I am trying to understand why certain colours, textures, shapes or materials have some kind of pull on me, and how best to group these individual and sometimes disparate components into a fully realised and pleasing object."

- Hugh Byrne, 2017

Hugh Byrne (b. 1983) is a hard-edged abstractionist working with urban landscapes. Over the past ten years, Byrne has created a visual language of highly simplified lines and constructed geometric planes that allow the viewer to experience the urban landscape in an unexpected and refreshing way. 'Tipping Point' was his second solo exhibition with EBONY.