Untitled Art Miami 2023

Collection: Untitled Art Miami 2023

Untitled Art Miami Beach | 06.12.23 - 10.12.23

EBONY/CURATED debut's at the 12th edition of Untitled Art, Miami in 2023.

Showing a selection of works by Hugh Byrne and Plàcido ‘Pocho’ Guimaraes on the sands of Miami Beach. Exploring the significance of materiality within the context of the digital age, this presentation brings into focus the dynamic interplay between texture and colour as emerging elements in the works of Hugh Byrne and Plàcido ‘Pocho’ Guimaraes. The exhibition thoughtfully considers how the act of meaning-making through creative self-expression is made visceral for viewers when experienced in physical form. 

Untitled Art is a leading independent art fair that is proud to be unveiling the largest, most international and diverse presentation to date. In 2023, Untitled Art will host over 160 exhibitors from 39 countries, collectively presenting nearly 600 artists.

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