Africa Supernova Exhibition Showcases Three EBONY/CURATED Artists

EBONY/CURATED is proud to represent three of the talented artists featured in the exhibition Africa Supernova, on display at Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, Netherlands from 24 September 2023 to 7 January 2024.

Richard Butler Bowdon, Feni Chulumanco, and Zemba Luzamba are just a few of the 135 artists from 33 African countries whose work is highlighted by this landmark exhibition, showcasing the collection of Carla and Pieter Schulting. 

"African art is so diverse and reflects the artists' unique perspectives. We are drawn to African art because it is so vibrant and full of life.", says Carla Schulting.

Pieter Schulting agrees: "African art is having a major impact on the global art world. It is challenging our assumptions about art and expanding our understanding of what is possible."

The exhibition features a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, and performance art. The artists explore various themes, including identity, politics, history, and culture. 

Africa Supernova is a testament to contemporary African art's incredible diversity and dynamism.

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