Anico Mostert at BODE Gallery

Anico Mostert was featured as part of BODE exhibition titled 'We Are a Way for The Cosmos to Know Itself' which was open for viewing in Berlin, Germany from 25 March to 23 April 2023.

This exhibition explored the connection between humanity and the universe, emphasising shared atomic elements. Artists, as interpreters, delved into diverse aspects of human existence. Their practices involved studying materiality and aesthetics, questioning, and interpreting the world. Throughout history, artists analysed our symbolic place in the world, reflecting on the human ability to self-reflect.

The showcased international artists offered unique perspectives on the body's symbolism, contemplating its role as the vessel that interprets the world within various contexts. The exhibition presented varied approaches and narratives touching upon nature, psychology, society, fantasy, and culture, contributing to a larger understanding of human existence as interpreters of the cosmos.

View the exhibition here. 

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