Kimathi Mafafo at Dulwich Picture Gallery

The Dulwich Picture Gallery in London has included an artwork by represented artist Kimathi Mafafo as part of their recent exhibition titled Soulscapes

The exhibition reflects on the genre of contemporary landscapes as explored by artists from Africa and its diaspora in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. The artworks in Soulscapes offer a departure point from traditional representations of the land, presenting a diverse range of styles, mediums and themes. The article highlights the significance of this exhibition in challenging preconceptions about black art and expanding the narrative surrounding landscapes in art.

This review, written by culture editor Nancy Durrant, commends the Dulwich Picture Gallery for fostering a space that amplifies underrepresented voices in the art world and contributing to a more inclusive cultural dialogue.

She goes on to say that Mafafo's: 

"glorious embroidered Unforeseen Journey of Self Discovery (2020), is a stunning riot of intricate stitches and colours, depicting a woman emerging in wonder from a cocoon of white muslin into a lush and vivid landscape"

Read the full review here.

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