'Colour Chart' - Group Exhibition

Collection: 'Colour Chart' - Group Exhibition

Colour Chart
Group Exhibition
03.03.17 - 31.03.17


“Folks can’t seem to come to terms with the fact that African artists have now taken and secured their seat at the dinner table, invited or not!”
- Chika Okeke-Agulu

With over a billion people spread throughout 54 countries, speaking more than 2000 different languages, the African Continent is a hugely diverse and very demanding space.

Although the term ‘African Art’ is a contentious one, there is nonetheless a sense of unity and growth that has emerged among African artists as they stamp their mark on the contemporary art scene.

In a vibrant and challenging exhibition, ‘Colour Chart’ attempts to unpack exactly what this sense of unity is; posing the question - what is ‘African Art’ and does it even exist? Where does this supposed unity stem from? Is it merely a geographical phenomenon or does it stem from shared historical experiences; is it underpinned by a continued search for an identity that a history of colonialism has suppressed?
Rather than selecting works based on their perceived “African-ness”, the selection process of ‘Colour Chart’ was motivated by two criteria - medium and geography. The artist had to originate from the African Continent and the exhibited works had to include paint in some form.

'Colour Chart' focuses on the medium of painting - one of the oldest and most enduring forms of artist expression.